More common in boys or girls?

         Something I got asked by someone was “Is dyslexia more common  in boys or girls?” While I was researching for this question i found out that it is actually more common in boys! They have a higher prevalence for reading disabilities. This is due to them getting more frustrated when something goes wrong in class. Boys are twice as likely to get dyslexia says Dr. Michael Rutter. Dyslexia was found in 18/22 % of boys but only 8/13 % in the girls. All of these children that had this testing were from the ages of 7-15 years old. 


Do you know what the signs of learning disabilities are? Probably not because there are no physical signs. On the other hand there are some signs. When a child has trouble reading or writting it could be a sign of having a learning disability. This doesnt mean they are not smart they just have issues understanding a certain subject like history or a math class. Most kids find out they have a learning disability when they can’t follow simple rules or can’t even keep up in a classroom. usually learning disabilities show up in grade school and begin to get worse as the child gets older. Some of the kids can basically hide their disabilities which mean they could possibly not show up till their teen years. 


Learning Disability v. Learning Disorder

Is there a difference between a learning disorder and a learning disorder? If you’re not sure check out  Special Ed Post. Kimberly Allen talks about what a learning disorder is and what a learning disability is. I always thought they were basically the same things. According to Special Ed Post a disorder is a “clinical diagnosis”, which means a doctor or a therapist has to diagnose. A disability is having problems learning in an academic area like a history class or math. This article is going to help me write my paper being I’m writing about what the difference between a learning disorder and a learning disability. It will help me understand both of them  more so I can help others understand that they are actually different. Also, the amount of kids  that have these problems and how they get help for them.

Learning disabilities do not correlate with intelligence but with processing.


Children With Mental Health

Ever heard of the term ‘Childhood Mental Disorder‘? Well, it’s all the mental disorders that can be detected in early childhood. For example ADHD. These disorders are affect the way they learn, the way they interact with others, and they way they do things overall.


This just means they need a little more help than most kids do. You have to take more time out of your day and teach them andhelp them with their disability. Children having mental disorders can be told they don’t have one when they really do. It could just be to early to know if there really is something wrong. If you don’t give your child discipline as they grow up they are more likely to be mean and out of control and not listen and kids with certain mental disorders act can act the same way. They just don’t know any better. When a child has something wrong with them they need special treatment  and need more patience. The parents have to communicate with the doctors and let them know if things get worse. Take a look at   and they will give you more information on Children’s Mental Health. This article help me answer the type of care these kids need and how you can help them. it also shows the percentage of the kids who had certain disorders and they age range of who had them.



Mental Disorders

What causes mental disorders? How do the doctors know when something is not right with someones brain? I want to  know all of these things. Even what in the brain causes people to have problems, or what makes it happen. Are you born with it or does it process as you grow up? Growing up with a younger brother, 2 cousins, and an aunt with all different mental disorders make me curious about them. I want to know the different types of disorders and what happens in the brain to make someone have a disorder. Being around my cousins and my brother made me realize that not all kids act the same. One of my cousins was very mean and always hyper. he never listened and he was out of control. As he got older my aunt took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with sensory problems. What is sensory  problems? 

Mental Disorders Chart (1)